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About Tae Kwon Do

The Philosophy of Tae Kwon Do

The philosophy of Taekwondo, while ancient in origin, is nonetheless modern in its values and beliefs. Along with being a sport, Taekwondo also means the learning and practice of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-discipline, and indomitable spirit.

In our daily practice, both in adult classes and in children's classes, we practice to become stronger physically and emotionally. Self-improvement will come through exploring self-awareness, which leads to self-confidence. By becoming aware of your mental and physical stages, and through the techniques of Taekwondo, one is able to overcome weakness. And, finally, the workouts of U.S. Taekwondo provide a framework to channel stress, reduce aggressions, increase stamina, reduce back and joint problems, and maintain a healthy appearance.

Benefits of Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo practice gains popularity as education for the whole person. Professor Hyung-Seok Song of Kyemyung University Taekwondo department explains the importance of Taekwondo in educationals aspects in this way.

"It is easy to see that Taekwondo practice resulting in positive changes of psychological abilities and everyday behavior such as concentration, cheerfulness, confidence, calmness, and leadership for children that are in the period of developing personality. Taekwondo educatoinholds the basis of education for the whole-person, such as sociality, emotional changes, courtesy, patience and positive human relation." Professor Song claims that Taekwondo makes righteous person by intentionally changing attitude, ability, behavior, habits and belief of the practitioner.

Taekwondo practitioners say that, "The root of Taekwondo is Moodo, and the essence of Moodo is improving one's body and mind.", and added that learning Taekwondo in their childhood helps them in various ways to be active in the society.

Definition of Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo is More Than an Art of Action

Taekwondo is a physical expression of the human will for survival and an activity to fulfill the spiritual desires of a man.

Basically, all the actions in Taekwondo are developed from the human instinct for self-defense reinforced with positive elements as needs arise, and ultimately reach the absolute state to overcome the ego and arrive at the moment of perfection, thus giving the sport a philosophical dimension.

Spiritual Significance of Taekwondo
The Inherent Meaning

If a human being maintains perfect health, he can show agility in his activities with definite purposes, while the man of failing health will lose the urge to work. This urge is more closely related to emotion than it is to intellect, and it is also related to ethical elements.

Taekwondo is a sport for the whole physical system, generating energy in every organ of the body, developing the muscles and stimulating the brain, and thus developing the will to action. Man is not satisfied with mere survival, but desires to live strongly and well. That is why Taekwondo cultivates will power by means of combining intellectual with physical activities.

Taekwondo transforms one's character into a stong, resilient spirit so that one can develop leadership to guide and lead in every walk of life. Leadership and a strong fighting spirit provide confidence in every work, so that one can maintain composure and security, which will in turn create patience and modesty. Then one will eventually overcome himself with the spirit of self-sacrifice, thus gaining an outstanding character as a leader of society.

Therefore, Taekwondo is a basis upon which a man is refined and improved to become a righteous and patriotic person.

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