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Introductory Course


Our professional staff of Black Belt Instructors along with their assistants are here to guide you toward greater self confidence, and discipline as you improve your balance coordination, flexibility, and reaction. Our program gradually guides you to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, increased confidence, mental discipline, self defense capabilities and more. It's a fun way to get in shape and stay in shape.

Self Defense: You will learn effective, and powerful self defense skills as well as the fundamental attitudes appropriate to those skills. The basic attitudes of a successful martial artist (and of a successful person) are respect, discipline, goal setting, and effective leadership.

Respect: Through the martial arts philosophy and customs, the student learns to build superior relationships based on respect and friendship.

Discipline: Through martial arts training, the student develops self-motivation and stick-to-it-tiveness (Perseverance).

Goal Setting: This is a necessary road map for a successful life. It was once said if you " fail to plan, then you are planning to fail." On the road towards a black belt the student gains the experience and feeling of success be earning progressively higher belt ranks.

Leadership: As you work with your fellow students you will develop communication skills. Which is important not only in martial arts but in everyday life.

Ahn's U.S. tae KwonDo is a "Black Belt" school. Our goal for every student is to help them earn their "Black Belt" not only in martial arts but in life. By working toward this goal we create an evironment in which the student develops confidence through accomplishing high, but realistic and attainable goals.

Lesson 1

  • The two most important techniques of the martial arts
  • Self defense or self offense
  • Martial Arts attitude
  • Front punch / reverse punch
  • Front kick / Jumping Double Front Kick
  • Defense blocking
  • The benefits of studying Ahn's U.S. Tae Kwon Do
  • End of class bow

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